Angle Park Greyhound Racing Tips

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Angle Park Greyhound Racing Tips


Race 1. 7.07PM Book the Angle Park 8’s Grade 6 – 530 metres

#8 Researched – $5.50 – Bet @ Sportsbet

She’s no supertstar but has shown enough in her eight starts to indicate she’s a really good chance in this average Grade Six to peel off her first city win.

Both of her wins have come over the four hundred at Gawler and while she hasn’t won over this trip a second over the 531 metres where she lead all the way only to be grabbed on the post reads as good form for this.

Has had a couple of looks at this circuit and showed enough placing in a time that could see her pinch this race.

Race 2. 7.28PM Fresh Food Pet Co Maiden – 530 metres

#1 Spring Pony – $3.50 – Bet @ Sportsbet

You have to follow the money in these maiden events with unproven dogs looking to get on the board with their first win and this dog went up at $1.40 when narrowly beaten over the shorts first up and has been well backed again.

A product of a long and successful train of Greg Board owned greyhounds the kennel is very savvy, at over forty kilos this big boy is likely looking for the longer trip and he’s gone straight up to the five hundred here.

Race 3. 7.49PM Sky racing Juvenile – 530 metres

#2 Spring Maddi – $2.50 – Bet @ Sportsbet

Talented bitch who’s destined for far greater heights than this, she’s already a four time winner track and trip and has raced at listed level, this drop back against dogs her same age should ensure a return to the winners circle.

She’s run three seconds and has a win in her last five starts despite never drawing closer to the rail than box six, should be pinging from the three and getting down under the 30.50 range she’s capable of.

Race 4. 8.10PM 2022 Doug Payne SA Bred Free for All Feature – 530 metres

#5 Victa Haydn – $2.60 – Bet @ Sportsbet

Has been a while between wins for this South Australian star who’s in a habit of running some amazing seconds in his last few starts.

Got well back last time out when hampered early and looked like he was going to get up only to be pipped by Victor Grosso who looks his main competition again here drawn in the eight.

If he can make it around the first corner in a neutral position his middle and closing sections should see him sail on bye.

Race 5. 8.28PM At The Dogs South Australia Free for All – 595 metres

#8 Adele’s Entity – $8 – Bet @ Sportsbet

The brilliant Fantastic Radley and prolific winner Barbados Express dominate betting for this intriguing free for all, but Adele’s Entity is the sleeping giant here and well worth consideration at the price.

She can ping the lids better than anyone and could spear straight across the face early, where she’s improved in spades is her run home where she was taking ground off Barbados Express last week, a must have on price alone.

Race 6. 8.49PM Greyhounds as Pets Mixed ¾ – 530 metres

#4 Sunset Toxic – $3.20 – Bet @ Sportsbet

Sticking with this bitch after she was almost able to cross from the pink and win the feature here last week, it’s fine margins from that draw and she just wasn’t able to get into the race.

Chased as hard as ever into fourth and drawn box four this week she can use a 5.15 first section she achieved from this box to set up a win.

She’s gone as quick as free for all dogs around here with a 30.30 best just two starts ago.

Race 7. 9.10PM Banana Feeds Australia Grade 5 – 530 metres

#3 Fun Day Friday – $3.80 – Bet @ Sportsbet

Has never been the easiest dog to catch with just the six wins in his career, but he’s always raced in tough company and his get back run on style can be tough.

He’s not quick out and will fall to the fence but if dogs get off at the first turn he’ll save all the ground he can and will be storming late to grab them.

Race 8. 9.31PM TAB Make a Date With Play grade 5 – 530 metres

#2 Run Like Jess – $3.20 – Bet @ Sportsbet

Well and truly in the veteran category now but this former Group One middle-distance and staying finalist continues to perform, the best run of his career at Angle Park last week going 30.55 from box eight.

Has always been a dog for all distances a sprinter who became a stayer and now sprints again, still has the spring in the legs and will be hunting the front early.

Race 9. 9.56PM Kurt Donsberg Photography Free for All – 730 metres

#3 Sebon Panther – $6 – Bet @ Sportsbet

Frankie Boy went up at $1.18 against these same dogs last week and should have walked in if not up to his old tricks of failing to chase in the run.

Can’t back him off that performance and Sir truculent was able to capitalize, the dog who also suffered was Sebon Panther who he would not leave alone and is overs this week.

Race 10. 10.17PM Follow The Dogs South Australia on Twitter Grade 6 – 530 metres

#8 Stranger Tides – $3.20 – Bet @ Sportsbet

Consistency personified this dog, a winner of six of eighteen starts doesn’t run a bad race but will get back in the field.

Field sense is improving each run and against this company back him in to find a way through from the eight and into the winners circle.



Once again, all odds are with Sportsbet – our No. 1 rated bookmaker. You can join Sportsbet by clicking HERE.

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