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IPL Betting Markets

Betting on the IPL online means that there are 100s of different markets to choose from. It’s not just about who wins the match anymore, the choice of bhav has been increasing over the past few years.

The best betting sites will prioritise the Indian Premier League because of how popular it is with fans and bettors. You’ll often find more markets on IPL matches than many other contests, even international fixtures.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular pre-tournament, pre-match and live IPL markets.

Pre-Tournament IPL Markets

Many betting sites will list pre-tournament IPL markets months in advance of the tournament getting underway, but only a select few. More of these will be added as confirmation of squads is available. Here’s what you can expect from the top IPL betting sites.

IPL Winner

The most popular pre-tournament is who will win the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League.

This market will usually be available well in advance with some online betting sites as well as throughout the competition.

Purple Cap Winner

The Purple Cap is awarded to the player who takes the most wickets during the competition, including the knockout phase.

This award has usually gone to a pace bowler in the past, but spinners can feature at the top of the wicket table too such as Yuzvendra Chahal’s campaign for the Rajasthan Royals. In the case of a tie, the prize will be decided based on who has the best economy rate.

Orange Cap Winner

This market refers to which player will score the most runs across the course of the IPL.

All runs during the competition will count towards the final tally, including those scored in the play-offs and final. Therefore, picking a player that will play for their team in every game will be a significant advantage.

Maximum Sixes Award

Although the Orange Cap deals with the total runs scored, this award is solely based on the player who hits the most sixes across the competition.

Past winners include Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell and Rishabh Pant.

Most Valuable Player

Since 2012, the IPL MVP award has been calculated using a formula based on batting, bowling, and fielding. The points system is as follows:

  • Each four hit, catch taken, or stumping completed – 2.5 points
  • Each six hit or wicket taken – 3.5 points
  • Each dot ball bowled – 1 point

This award favours all-rounders who can score points in both innings.

Pre-Game IPL Markets

The largest choice of match markets is available before the toss takes place. After this, some sites will reduce the number of betting options ahead of the game getting underway.


Although there are many different betting markets to pick from, who will win the match is still the most popular betting option with many sites.

In the event of a DLS calculation, this market is settled on the official result as long as the minimum overs have been bowled.

Total Sixes

Betting sites will estimate the total number of sixes hit across both innings of the match. Bettors can either back over or under a specific amount.

With T20 cricket encouraging teams to score at a faster rate than other formats, the number of sixes in a game can rise quickly. This can be a lucrative option especially if players target high scoring venues with smaller boundaries.

Top Batsman

Before the match begins, bettors can place wagers on who the top batsman will be, this is settled on the total number of runs in the match. If your selection isn’t in the starting line-up, the bet will be void.

It’s important to check the terms of this market before placing a bet. Some sites will offer Top Batsman betting across the whole match, whereas others will list Top Team Batsman with one winner per innings.

Top Bowler

This market will be settled on the total number of wickets taken across the match.

If the event of a tie, some sites will settle based on who has the better economy rate, others will pay out on both players as a dead heat. Check the settlement terms in the betting sites’ rules before getting involved.

Live IPL Betting Markets

There are dozens of live IPL betting markets too so if you’d prefer to see how the game starts before getting involved, you can still bet in-play on many outcomes.

Current Innings Runs

Once the toss has been made, betting sites will estimate the number of runs scored in the first innings.

This will be available throughout most of the innings, with the odds moving depending on what is happening in the middle. Bettors can choose to back over or under the amount.

Next Man Out

Bettors can wager on which player will be dismissed next. The best IPL betting sites will list the Next Man Out market once the batting line-up is confirmed for each team.

Once a wicket has fallen, the bookmaker will add the market again based on which pair are now at the crease.

Wicket in the Next Over

This is one of the most straightforward live betting markets and runs throughout most IPL matches.

Bettors simply need to predict whether there will be a wicket in the upcoming over or not. Once the over has been completed, the market will be listed again based on the updated conditions.

Method of Next Dismissal

Many sites will offer betting on how the next wicket will fall. Bettors can pick from a range of options.

The choices will include caught, bowled, LBW, and stumped. The odds may move depending on which bowler has the ball at that point in time.

Author: Violet Wells